Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zaladar Makes Boris Ragequit While I Play Fitting Music

The decklist, for those interested:
1x Zaladar
4x Bazaar
4x Bad Santa
4x Evil Ascendant
4x Infernal gargoyle
3x Feedback
4x Shadow Font
4x Mind Control
4x Shadow Knight
4x Dimension Ripper
2x Ley Line Nexus
1x Eternal Renewal
1x Ogloth the Glutton

Pretty straightforward. No Shrieks because the prime target is normally a draw engine, and, I mean, you saw the deck. Everybody has a full hand, draw engine or no. Portal and What Big Teeth are really the only targets. I will never have enough Shrieks to blow up WBT with Master Smith backup, and Portal may be a good target but is so much card disadvantage that it really doesn't warrant the slot. Many matchups, giving my opponent a Shriek off Dimension Ripper could hurt way more than me drawing it could help.

Evil Ascendant, as seen in the above video, is purely amazing against human players. Shadow decks tend to care less, but the extra one damage point helps in almost every situation. Zal's ability to kill 3/4s, reducing Puwen or Priest of the Light to get shanked by Dimension Ripper, all the while Ogloth sustains himself and Shadow Knighs supply me with a constant stream of beats.

Ripper is often one-sided with both players drawing so many cards, and also with so many cards Feedback can do some insane shenanigans, like the Aeon play above that sealed the deal. I've actually Santa Bombed multiple times in a single turn with this and similar lists, just being able to loop feedbacks, santas, gargoyles, shadow fonts, and whatever I stole from my opponent with ripper, finishing with something flashy (or multiple somethings, like double Mind Control).

I personally recommend this or BlanketEffect's ZTC deck, found on the official Shadow Era forum. They're a blast to play when looking for something to break up the monotony.

Boweh out.

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