Friday, April 13, 2012

Magic: Angel's Tomb

It's been ages since i've covered a Magic spoiler season, and I'm not starting again now. However, I feel like I have to take the time to showcase a card that hasn't been getting a whole lot of love.

Enter Angel's Tomb

For anyone who's forgotten what a Glint Hawk Idol is, it's a good card. And while it may not be able to activate by itself, this IS a token set, after all. Playing a T2 Angel's Tomb into T3 Garruk Relentless seems pretty good for Standard, and good flying beats for Green are fairly hard to come by. Anyone disappointed that Tomb won't block has forgotten about Ambush Viper, Snapcaster Mage, and the full family of flashy creatures and token-generating spells that have been rocking the scene. Add in some other cute standard cards like Mimic Vat, Lingering Souls, Batterskull, Moorland Haunt, or Hero of Oxid Ridge, and there's plenty of both powerful plays and token-farting monstrosities that  will ensure this 3/3 flier for 3 with protection from boardwipes gives you plenty of value.

There's also, as I said above, the Glint Hawk option. With a combination of Angel's Tombs and Glint Hawk Idols, starting a loop between a Memnite and a Glint Hawk will put the opponent on a fast clock that can't be undone with a Day of Judgment, Ratchet Bomb, Slagstorm, or whatever other answer that would devastate any other aggro deck. You can even splash blue easily for disruption, Moorland Haunt backup, and maybe even an entire Geist/delver deck out of the board.

Don't overlook this card based upon the first glance alone. Tomb is likely to be a major player in the future Standard environment.

Boweh out.

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