Monday, February 16, 2015

I told you I'd be alive, and I am

It's taken longer than expected, as my college schedule has not been kind, but a recent development has finally enabled me to do internet things again: I actually have bandwidth. Writing is difficult time-wise, but for the first time I'm able to stream without difficulty.

I know many of you have subscribed to my ShadowEraTV twitch channel, but as I'm no longer exclusively covering Shadow Era, I'm working on a fresh channel, So far I've only used it for Team Fortress 2 and a little Hearthstone, but as I get everything settled and formatted the way I want and the viewership goes up, I'll be doing more and more with it, including a return to Shadow Era.

As I stream more and more, and at sometimes irregular or spontaneous hours, the broadcasts on my channel are archived and I'll also go through periodically to create highlights, both on twitch and as vods on my official youtube channel, If you want to watch live, though, you'll need to subscribe to the twitch channel and/or follow my twitter account (@MistahBoweh). Twitter automatically announces when I begin streaming, but I also use it to announce in advance if I know I'm going to stream at some point in the future.

I look forward to taking this journey into streaming with all of you.

Boweh out.

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