Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shadow Era Spoilers #22: Frosted Urigon

Does it feel chilly in here, or is it just me?

It's spoiler time.

Dark Prophecies 50/150: Frosted Urigon
Spoiled by Kyle on 1/12/2013

The main conclusion everyone's had so far is an interaction with Voice of Winter, and I agree with them. This is the only ally VoW lets you play, assuming you're not Gravebone. Meanwhile, all opposing allies enter play chilled to the bone, and since they can't defend, the Urigon's attacks can keep them that way. The end result is a pretty strong interaction.

Outside of VoW, however, I can't see too much application for this card over, say, Raven Wildheart. Raven doesn't shut off abilities, but at least she shuts off attacks more than one turn at a time.

Of course, Urigon does provide that alternative for Majiya and Gravebone, two heroes without Raven access. This is probably a new trick for portal Majiya decks, simply for the same reason Lance plays Raven.

Back on the Voice of Winter lock, a while ago mages got Shatter Ice spoiled and I questioned just how viable it would be. Urigon and the weapon can keep allies at bay for a while, but not indefinitely. If either is removed from the field, or if the opponent simply plays more allies than Urigon can attack, the lock might be broken. Shatter Ice is the perfect way to stop that from happening.

The problem Shatter Ice had was predictability. You start playing freeze cards, it's pretty blatant the shatter is coming. Urigon changes this up drastically. With him in play, not only can VoW do work without shatter, but because Urigon can keep it going a while, the opponent without removal really has no choice but to overextend, predictable or not.

Rating: 8/10. Frosted Urigon doesn't really make a deck, but it's the last piece of utility said deck was looking for. It has some application in Portal Maj, not only by itself but as a counter to an opposing Voice of Winter. It's not quite enough to be played by itself, but has plenty of interactions in the mage class to make up for it. Urigon won't win a lot of games; credit must still be given to the other ice cards or portal or whatever in the same way that Lance is responsible for Raven performing well in a lance deck moreso than the Raven herself. It's just solid utility.

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