Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shadow Era Spoiler #19: Markus

Today's spoil is a new Unique ally to join Wulven's Howlfang earlier in the week. Admiral Ackbar would be proud.

Dark Prophecies 60/150: Markus the Marvel
Spoiled by Kyle on 1/9/2013

And on this day, Fire Snake shed a single tear.

The ability of this card does two things. One is useful eventually, one might eventually be useful.

The first advantage to this card is the slight resource boost. Markus reduces the cost of Death Trap to two, allowing you to drop it alongside other cards more easily. Technically, since Markus costs a resource, the first trap is only breaking even. However, the longer he survives, the more there is for profit.

The other thing he's good for is disguising the cost of traps, but that doesn't really matter from what we've seen so far. Unless there's a good trap for two resources, Death Trap is still the only playable. Even if you think Rolling Boulders are useful, they have the exact same cost already anyways.

At the end of the day, though, this card is simply a 1/2. No one can expect his survival very long. Even if there IS a really good two-cost trap, are the extra boost in head games really worth spending a card on Fire Snake? I want to see a lot more in terms of trap strategy before I'd endorse this card.

Rating: 5/10. He has the potential to do something really unique, and for that he gets the points he does. However, what we have right now is a 1/2 that may give a slight resource profit if he survives long enough for you to stick multiple Death Traps. I'd at least try him out, but it's doubtful that I'd want to play him unless we see a lot more trap support.

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