Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shadow Era Spoilers #12 - Divine Connection

Today's card is one that looks unimpressive at first without knowing the rest of Dark Prophecies, but there's already a clever way of using it. Let's dig in, shall we?

Dark Prophecies 67/150 - Divine Connection
Spoiled by Kyle on 12/22/2012

Well, the initial thought you might be having is - what the hell do Priests have for attachments. The iconic cards currently for the class are Tidal Wave, Wizent's Staff, Healing Touch, etc. However, there's still a handful of attachments available to the class.

The first of two priest attachments in CotC is Inner Strength; basically a permanent Extra Sharp. It's not that bad in the right meta with the right deck, a meta this card is hoping to create, but as for the moment it's drastically underplayed and it hardly benefits much from the effect of Divine Connection. At least, not by itself.

The second, Holy Shield, lasts but a single turn and keeps an ally from death during that turn. With Divine Connection, it shuffles into the deck each time its used up, not to mention protecting your attachment-laden ally from removal it would normally be vulnerable to. Imagine getting to the endgame when both decks are near depleted, and all you have is one giant ally, an attached Divine Connection, and a deck of four Holy Shields. That's what I call glorious.

While those two are the only priest cards, there's also a decent list of human/neutral attachments to choose from. The more abusable ones, IE the attachments that wear off, are Poor Quality, Drain Power, and Extra Sharp. Poor Quality reshuffling is a great way to deal with What Big Teeth not to mention the game's other equipment. Drain Power still isn't that efficient even for two resources, but combined with the other denial cards available like Radiant Sunlight and Priest of the Light, it could make a pretty nasty shutdown engine. Extra Sharp actually seems good at one cost alongside a Krystoffer Wyld. Even without Kris, Extra Sharp is a good amount of burst damage for the discounted cost and could work as a nasty surprise.

The true power of this card will only be revealed when we know more of the set, but if the new options are anything like the current ones, I have high hopes.

Rating: 7/10. While its purpose may be unclear for now, I already have a few ideas for how to break this thing. If any more duration-based attachments show up in the priest pool like the current set, I know exactly what deck I'm building. Until we know more, not just about attachments but also attachment destruction, it will difficult to know if it'll be a powerful deck, a casual toy along the lines of the current Baduruu, or something inbetween. Nevertheless, this is in the very least cool enough of a card that an entire deck can be based around it, hence the higher than average rating.

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  1. I'm very surprised you're so positive on this. The shuffle into your deck text is almost worthless. It's not recursion, it's just giving you a small % increase in your draw chance on subsequent draw steps. if you already have 4 copies of the relevant attachment, the % increase is VERY small.

    imo this card is barely worth reviewing, and it's certainly not going to see play.