Friday, November 9, 2012

Shadow Era Spoilers: Twisted Familiar

Blah blah blah, yada yada, spoiler.

Spoiler #6: Twisted Familiar
Spoiled by Kyle on 11/7/2012

The first ability is largely unimportant (although Elementalis and Moonstalker could make use of it). The big factor is Jeweler's Dream on a stick.

At first it looks really cool. However, you aren't really getting anything out of it.

Remember that in Shadow Era, you expend resources as you do something, not in advance like some other games. This means that the Familiar can't actually ramp you, just like JD. Next, since you can't use abilities of allies after they attack, you can't even smack for one with him. Lastly, JD is a continual source of 8 resources and 4 damage at 4 cost, making it pretty efficient. The Familiar is only a 2 for 2, and since he won't really do much on board before being used, the only thing that changes is the person playing Familiar goes down by one card.

The effect looks really good at first, but it's a trick. In the end, all he actually is is tempo loss and card disadvantage. While it's true that he's something that could potentially be abused by Shadow Knight, inefficient allies are inefficient no matter how many times you play them.

There could be some silly combo that interacts with this card, as it does have a couple effects that (so far) are pretty unique. However, unless that happens, I doubt you'll see this played in any more than the lowest end of decks.

Twisted Familiar Rating: 2/10. Literally, the only thing this card does is make you lose a card. Every time you draw it, it's like getting smacked by Serena. There's some potential for some silly interactions in the rest of Prophecies and beyond, so I'll give it that. Otherwise, I don't think I can take you seriously if you play this card over Brutalis.

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