Monday, March 26, 2012

The Boweh: An Introduction

Hello and welcome to The Boweh. For those who've found this from something else I've done over the last few years, welcome back. Instead of having all these different things in all these different places, I've decided to have one place for everything that is me. Every little bit of writing and reviewing, audio and video, all my exploits in one convenient location.

Rest assured, they all have the same general theme, (well, for the most part), so however you may have followed me before, you'll still have me now. I'll be tagging every post religiously to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for, if anything specific.

Now, for those of you who've just recently stumbled upon this site, you probably have no idea who I am. And even if you did come from somewhere else, you probably don't know everything there is to know, all my past places and projects. It's for these people that this post exists; a culmination of internet history surrounding the not-so-illusive MistahBoweh.

First and foremost is the last time I held a (relatively) successful page here on Blogger: Yo Mama: The Gathering. A parody of Magic: The Gathering, YMTG was a strategy column I ran for about a year, from December 2010 to October 2011. I did everything from tournament reports to deck tips to general play strategy, even ran with my own set design for a little bit.

That fell to the wayside for a while, however, when I became active in the community for another TCG, Shadow Era. I began writing strategy for the official forum until eventually I joined the higher echelons of playtest groups, eventually even getting invited to work as part of the game's Design Team as a flavor consultant. As of this writing, I'm still one of the most recognized players, currently a member of the elite Warriors of the Blue Phoenix alongside world champion Raphael Majere and  Alliance One's founder Padiwan Pete.

A little-known project, I once started work on a Let's Play channel on youtube with a friend of mine, under the username JimboNKaiz. I've lost the IP but kept the name, and currently the channel holds plenty of Shadow Era and other miscellaneous videos. Our first game together, Magicka, fell victim to plenty of audio and video quality issues due to a lack of experience on my part, and only about 30~ minutes in the end were released from over 20 hours worth of footage. I still have it all as of this writing, and may get around to editing the rest eventually still yet.

Next comes the Mass Insanity Clan. Not really a project like the others but something I'm known for nonetheless, I serve as an administrator on the MI Team Fortress 2 servers. It's not going to affect the site all that much, but if you manage to spot the vaguest of references to Valve Corporation, it's intentional and that's why.

Lastly, there's BowieBooks, another blogspot site meant as a general suppository for my more creative writing pieces. Also short-lived and more personal than the rest, there's not much there but it's still up and still a good way to kill a few hours.

Of course, this is nowhere near the limit to what I've done. From forum communities to MMOs to DeviantArt, there's plenty of places I've been and plenty of things I've done. If you know me from nowhere, it's nice to meet you. Otherwise, it's good to see you again.

Unless you're a dick.

Screw you.

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